About Us

UniDoor Started as a fulfillment center and international shipping/logistic for oversea Cross-Border e-commerce Sellers since July, 2013. We consolidate goods in China and ship them by container loads to Kansas City and Missouri, and then we distribute the products to Amazon Fulfillment Centers across the United States. Here, we also fulfill orders for e-commerce sellers who are selling their products on Amazon, eBay, Ali-Express, Wish and other similar platforms.

UniDoor has been dealing with international e-commerce sellers for several years, and we have built up a great reputation in the evolving industry of international logistics and e-commerce. Many power sellers in e-commerce who are mostly original manufacturers have asked UniDoor for additional services other than just fulfillment and logistics time and time again. These repeated requests from various manufacturers and e-sellers have led to the expansion of UniDoor to fulfill other aspects of e-commerce instead of just focusing on fulfillment through international shipping and logistics. Many organizations have asked UniDoor to help closeout their inventory. The various organizations’ inventory is perfectly intact to sell on the market, but there is not a proper outlet of distribution to move the product to the hands of customers. This is a major issue because if a product or many products are not distributed in a timely manner, then depreciation will accumulate significant losses depending on the product. UniDoor is now multifaceted in many aspects including: international shipping, logistics, services, outlets of distribution and manufacturing. We help create and sustain distribution channels to assist manufacturers to be competitive off-line. Many e-Sellers ship merchandise to UniDoor specifically for consignment. This has been a market niche which differentiates UniDoor from every other typical store. We encourage cultural diversity to unite as one superpower, and the door is always open to accept all who may enter. This is UniDoor Wholesales and we just started at the beginning of September, 2016!

UniDoor carries over 100,000 products that will appeal to common and diverse markets, including

  1. Technology/Innovation
  2. Sports/Fitness/Outdoors
  3. Toys/Video Games
  4. Party Supplies/Crafts/DIY
  5. Automotive/Maintenance
  6. Movies/Music/Books
  7. Clothing/Shoes/Jewelry
  8. Fashion/Apparel/Beauty
  9. Home Improvement/Furniture/Appliances
  10. Baby/Infant

Here you will find great products at incredible low prices! And, remember: once these products are gone, then they are always gone. So, place your orders today!!!