Tokee Unisex Led Light Up Shoes USB Cable Charging Luminous Sneakers

  • mesh
  • Synthetic sole
  • Upper made with super lightweight and breathable fabric
  • Secure fit lace capture system for easy, adjustable comfort
  • The lights light up nice and bright in different colors and patterns
  • USB cable charging 2-3 hours to maintain led lights illuminate 5-8 hours
  • Package including 1 pair of led shoes and 1 USB charging cable
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The shoes are stylish and the lights worked perfectly, highlighting an incredible LED sneakers shine that makes you look like walking on laser. You have to see these shoes in person to believe how incredible they look when switched on. The shoes give a fantastic LED light and a total of 7 colors are accessible, they light up very brightly in various different colors. It additionally has a rechargeable battery (2-3 hours charge can keep the shoe lighted up for up to 5-8 hours). The led sneakers shoes are the perfect accessory for the club, a rave party, a festival or only a night out on the town.

1. Hidden charging port is under the black cover of the Quarter medial(inside). There is an on/off button embedded in the port.
2. Easily press the on/off button to switch the color mode. Color changes with each press, long press to turn off the light.
3. When the lights dimmed, you can start charging, recommend to charge 2-3 hours to maintain Led lights illuminate 5-8 hours.
4. Shoes comes with double USB charging cable, but no chargers included, please use your phone charger for charging.
5. Do not put the sneakers into water, you can use soft cloth to clean them.
6. Please measure your foot length and choose the size according to the size chart.

Size Chart
3.5(US) – 35(EU) – 8.625 inches – 21.9cm
4(US) – 36(EU) – 8.75 inches – 22.2cm
5(US) – 37(EU) – 9.125 inches – 23.2cm
6(US) – 38(EU) – 9.5 inches – 24.1cm
7(US) – 39(EU) – 9.6875 inches – 24.6cm
8(US) – 40(EU) – 9.875 inches – 25.1cm
8.5(US) – 41(EU) – 9.9375 inches – 25.5cm
9.5(US) – 42(EU) – 10.3125 inches – 26.2cm
10(US) – 43(EU) – 10.5625 inches – 27cm
10.5(US) – 44(EU) – 10.75 inches – 27.3cm
11.5(US)- 45(EU) – 11.125 inches – 28.3cm
12.5(US)- 46(EU) – 11.5 inches – 29.1cm


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